Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Bedroom

Up the stairs and to the right is our bedroom. There really isn't much in our bedroom so there isn't much to write about it. Mostly just a picture tour today. One thing unique about the room is that is attaches to another room making a master suite. The other room used to be a 4th bedroom but somewhere in history the owners made a doorway connecting the 2 rooms. The main room has our bed, armoire with TV, and night stands. The other room has our closets, dresser, bathroom, and all of our clothes. I made one corner of the room into a little craft area for my sewing machine, knitting things, and everything crafty. This is the view from the doorway at the top of the stairs. You'll notice the doorway in the far upper right corner. That leads to the other half of our room, we refer to that room as the dressing room. Sounds so rich and snobby! Haha

And this is leading from our bedroom into the dressing room. The sewing table is on the left and straight ahead is an open closet. There is also a closet in that room that has a door on it. We have thought about enclosing this open closet with some cabinet doors but just have never gotten around to doing it.

This is obviously our bed. Our aunt Kathy got us a bedroom suit for our wedding. I wanted to pick out something that we would still like in 50 years. So far after 8.5, so good! The 4 framed pictures on the wall are from a yard sale at neighbors house. Got all 4 for $10. I noticed that they were all signed my the artist and so I googled her and found out that although these paintings are far from valuable, they are definitely worth more than $2.50 each. This artist actually sells her work for upwards of $1600!

And one last view of the room from the dressing room door. The door leads to the hall and stairs.

This is just the window right outside our bedroom at the top of the stairs.

And this is a look down the stairs and to the front door. I painted it with black chalkboard paint awhile ago and love how it looks. Before it was just the same color as the trim. The mat in the little entryway is a Water Hog from LLBean. It's awesome.
So that about wraps it up for today. Tomorrow I'll post about the girls' room but if you've been reading this blog for awhile you will have already seen it when it was features on I'll link to that tomorrow to in case you missed it!

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