Saturday, March 2, 2013

Henry's Bedroom

When I decided to paint horizontal stripes in Henry's room, I just knew they would turn out awful and we'd have to paint over them a solid color.  With that in mind, I set out to try and increase our chances of success.  The linen color is the same as the trim color.  So our first step was to paint the whole room Linen White.  Since we didn't have to trim anything around the windows, doors, baseboard and crown molding, this was quick and very fast.  Next Dan did the tedious work of measuring the stripes evenly around the whole room, taping off where the stripes would go with FROG TAPE (definitely use this tape for painting), and making sure everything was level.  Then we painted a light coat of the linen color on the edges of the tape where we would paint the navy color.  This is to reduce bleeding of the navy onto the white.  Now all that was left was to paint in the navy stripes.  Dan painted and I trimmed the edges.  After everything was dry it was time to peel off the tape.  This is the part where I just knew everything would go terribly wrong as I just knew the tape was going to pull off huge chunks of paint.  But somehow, after the tape was off, everything looked good and just minor touch ups were needed.

So other than the painting of the walls, the rest of the room came together pretty quick.  This is Henry's room from the doorway.  He sleeps in the same crib that we had for Magnolia and Boothe.  This framed picture above his crib are maternity pictures we had taken and the stuff on the shelf I'll talk about next.

The old toy tractor and the 'cowboys and Indians' framed picture were flea market finds. The large 'H' is a cardboard letter from JoAns that I wrapped in twine. Then there are some old books with the spines hidden against the wall with a piggy bank on top that he got for Christmas last year. Total cost of shelf items: less than $20.
The little white teacup in front of the picture belonged to Henry's great-grandpa Cory when he was a baby. It reads "For a good little boy". Total cost of this item: priceless.

Across from the crib is the changing table. You can't put much on a changing table because it gets kicked right off so this corner is pretty simple. The oars on the wall are from Mishawaka Antiques downtown that store.

This is the mirror on Henry's closet door reflecting back to his bed.

At the foot of the crib, in front of the window that looks out to the front of the house, sits the rocking chair and table. The curtains in this room are linen panels from ikea.

I've spent many many many countless hours in this rocking chair over the last 5.5 years. The quilt over the back of the chair was made by Henry's great-grandma Cory and was made for Dan when he was a baby. You can see 2 of the quilting panels, the astronaut and the doctor, but the whole thing is 10 different panels all of different professions and the detail is amazing.

The map on the wall is framed behind an old window all peeling and chipping. Also bought at Mishawaka Antiques. When putting the room together, I wanted a boyish vintage feel, but no theme. Anything boyish, rusty, or old was fair game. I love the way it all came together too. The doorway leads to the hallway and we've come full circle.
So this is the end of the house tour. Thanks for stopping by!

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