Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Young?

Would you say 9 months is too young
to play with knives? Maybe just one lick?
What about using one to cut up a cookie while I'm eating it?
But I'm very careful.

See how I chop while keeping my eyes
on the knife at all times.
I'm getting better even when I don't look.
I can even do it with my eyes closed!
side note: this is a wooden knife for pretending to cut pretend food. don't tell Boothe that though or she'll feel really cheated.


  1. hahaha she is one talented girl, she might even be a chef one day:) Can she get any cuter??? I could just kiss her cheeks off:)

  2. The more I look at Boothe the more she looks like Jenica did when she was a baby.

  3. First driving and now knives!? I might have to call DCS! I wouldn't mind keeping her until you get your act together. What do ya say? :) I love and miss her so much! Ryan and I will be in South Bend next Sat. Hopefully you guys will be available. I'll call you.