Saturday, April 10, 2010

Does she know how beautiful she is?

Is there anything more beautiful than a child? Well, maybe a sleeping child, but youth none the less. What is more magical than watching them grow, learn and mature? One day they just have this little personality all their own with ideas and opinions and decisions. I still can't believe that I'm the mother to this wonderful little person. She isn't a baby anymore!

She lights up my day with her sweet face and amazes me with the things that come out of her mouth. I love watching the little gears turn before she says something. She has learned to ride a tricycle, recite her ABC's, make up songs, tell "funny" stories and everything else that only a mother would find amazing! Oh, what will tomorrow bring with this one...

I thank God everyday that she's my little girl!

Tomorrow I will have a post for Boothe and her sweet little face!


  1. Wow!! Amazing she is more than we could have asked for!! God really did bless us with this Amazing child!

  2. Beautiful pics! M is hilarious....what a sense of humor!

  3. We are blessed that God gave us her, & she is truly blessed to have two wonderful parents that appreciate her inner and outer beauty!! Looking forward to seeing pics of our other beautiful one! Looking forward to spending time with my babies this weekend!! Gramma Kath