Friday, April 9, 2010


Well we have had quite an uneventful week. It rained everyday and even hailed pretty good size hail one afternoon. We have been indoors and are ready for the sunny 65 degree day predicted for tomorrow. These pictures aren't from this week, but I was just reminiscing about previous weeks of sunshine and outdoor playtime. I have been holding off doing much laundry since I haven't been able to hang clothes on the line with all this rain. So there is a mountain of dirty clothes waiting for me in the basement. I never had a hard time keeping up on laundry until I was doing the wash for 4 people! You have a pile of dirty clothes just after one day of everyone wearing/using something. I'm sure it only gets worse as they get older and we add new babies to our family. Dan and I went to a garage sale last weekend and got some pretty neat stuff that I'm anxious to show you all. I will post my finds sometime next week. I'm ready for garage sale season to start. What fun, what fun! Well, it's time to start on other things, like laundry, so I will be catching up with you all later!


  1. Love Daisy and Zoe sleeping:) Love even more the pictures of My beautiful babies!!

  2. Did you make Booie's sweater jacket? It is such a beautiful color for a beautiful girl!! I see she has some of Grandma Risner's characteristics -- that tongue trick! Soooo looking forward to spending some time with the girls next week! I am optimistic the weather will be fantastic and the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, Easter eggs, etc. will get put to good use!