Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Mask, a bath and a chicken

That is Magnolia behind that mask! She loves to play dress up. Mimi wore this to a fundraiser ball and passed it along to Magnolia to play with afterwards. How fun!Ok, canned meats. Not sure how I feel about it and I'm not sure why. I have never eaten anything other than tuna from a can, but got brave one day and needed a little shortcut when it came to making dinner so I thought I would try it. I was a little apprehensive when I opened the can of chicken and found that it smelled and looked just like tuna. Weird. I used it anyways and the meal turned out just fine but I still feel kind of uneasy about canned meats. There are also other foods such as velveeta "cheese" and lunch meats that scare me a little. What are your feelings towards this?I can't seem to take enough pictures of this girl in the bath tub. Both my kids have been water babies and I just get so much joy when they are splashing around having fun. They are just so happy in the water. Boothe is getting very adventurous moving around the bath tub too. You gotta watch this one!


  1. hahah how cute she is with the mask on:) Meat has been canned for ever!! Never used canned meat much with a having a freezer, but a lot of people use it:) Boothe and Magnolia will love the pool this summer....

  2. I have too admit, I've tried that canned chicken too and taste-wise it passes. I guess I'm at the point I would still use it when I need to make dinner quick but I try not to. It has to beat frozen meals based on nutritional value, I would think. I am also guilty of using velveeta too but I definitely need to find a recipe for making homemade cheese sauce. And as far as lunch meat, I buy the "natural" hormel brand, but we honestly don't eat much lunch meat at all.