Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden Update

On Sunday we planted the first seeds in our garden: onions, green peas and sugar snap peas. Dan worked hard to turn over all the soil, put down some compost we had made during the past year and plant the seeds. Magnolia was a big help to her daddy.
Check out my studly husband.
Working out those muscles.
Working on her muscles.
Magnolia size rake.
Look at that concentration...
Side by side.
Daddy showing her how to do it.

Magnolia taking charge. That's my girl!
Hopefully it won't be long and I'll have an update on our onion and pea sprouts. This post was written to serve 2 purposes. 1. To share our garden progress. 2. To slightly embarrass Dan. But we all know he loves it!


  1. hahaha Oh that Dan:) Can't wait for the updates on the harvest:) We need to get on our garden also. Magnolia and Dan make a good pair working together in the garden.

  2. You would. I take my gardening seriously, is that a crime? It's funny that M got dirtier hunting for Easter eggs than gardening.

    You better go out there and get a picture of the onion sprout I saw this morning!