Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter {part 1}

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house Easter morning and this is what he left for 2 sweet little girls. The night before we told Magnolia that the Easter Bunny was coming, but he would only come if she was asleep. Of course that didn't work and she was still not wanting to go to bed. Maybe you need to be 3 for that bribe to work...

Easter morning, we were waking up and said let's go see what the Easter Bunny brought us. Magnolia was really excited! So Dan went and got the video camera and the 3 of us girls walked downstairs really slowly...to build up the excitement. When we turned the corner to the living room, Magnolia saw the full baskets and turned around and ran into the kitchen to hide in the corner and yelled "I don't want to". Huh? Ok.

We tried 2 more times with the same outcome before she would actually get anywhere near those baskets. I guess no one said there wasn't a little bit of weird mixed in with all the cuteness!

In the end, everyone was happy with their gifts and played for a couple of hours before we left for church.

At first a very scary site to Magnolia.
I really like this book. I may learn a story or 2 from it.
Little People are a big hit at our house.
Finally happy with her basket!
Boothe digging through her goodies!
Wake up, Dan!
Reading the story of Easter in their new book.

Since Boothe can't eat the candy,
she decided to put everything else in her mouth.

Sharing and bringing joy to my heart!
Newest members of the family.
An army of little ones.

Due to the amount of pictures from Sunday, I had to break it up into parts. I know, I'm getting carried away with breaking events up into parts. I would like to get all the Easter posts up today though. I'll be back soon!


  1. I love those girls!! Hey I might want to borrow their bible story book also:) They had a blessed Easter.

  2. Thanks, JENICA, for sharing -- You have no clue how nice it to get my daily fix of my girls!!! I thank God daily for you and your family!! Love you -- Kathy