Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter {part 4}...Last batch

It was a great day for the Easter egg hunt. Lots of sunshine and lots of eggs filled with treats! After the brunch we took the girls home for naps and the grandparents went home to change clothes. Then we all met back up at our house for the hunt. Magnolia and her battle scars....
Early in the egg hunt she took a total nose
dive in the grass and ended up with a face of mud.
This did not deter her as she was up and running immediately
without missing a beat. There were eggs to find, darn it!
Boothe watching from the sidelines!
Cheering on big sister.
A trooper...
A cutie....
Boothe had her fun too. Boppie gave her a ride
on the tricycle for the first time.
Magnolia, Boppie Cory and Boothe
A lot of pictures are taken when sisters
wear matching dresses!
Boothe practicing standing up without holding on.
She lasted a whole 2 seconds!
All that bicycling and standing up wore her out!
There is nothing more precious than the hand of a sleeping baby.
Don't you just want to hold it?
Again the matching dresses thing.
Not so great at the posed smiling thing...
But are pros at being feisty!!
That concludes the Easter 2010 extravaganza! We hope you all had a great Easter Sunday too!


  1. These pictures tell a story of two little sisters with a wonderful life....

  2. Gramma Kathy went shopping Easter Monday -- Magnolia and Boothe ready for another Easter egg hunt? We have barnyard animal eggs, glow in the dark eggs, etc.

  3. I see that little tongue poking out the corner of Magnolia's mouth!! Haha. What a couple of precious girlies :)

  4. What beautiful girls!! I can't wait to see them again!