Saturday, April 3, 2010

The little things that bring so much joy

I would never have thought 5 years ago that putting up a clothes line would make me so happy! Last summer was the first time I dried my clothes outside and all winter I have missed it. There is just something about clean clothes that have dried naturally in the sun. My whites are brighter, my jeans are crisper and everything smells so wonderful. And I can't tell you how nice Boothe's cloth diapers become after a day on the line. As much as my family has enjoyed the much needed fresh air, I know our clothes have also benefited from being outdoors in the spring air!


  1. Great pictures! Considering Brooke's threat to call protective services (JUST because our 9 month old plays with knives and is driving!) we should specify that that is not actually Magnolia pinned to the clothesline - just a doll with her same name.

  2. hahahh They are great pictures! I knew that wasn't Magnolia on the clothesline....Magnolia is much cuter:)