Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Greens

We planted the first phase of our garden 2 weeks ago today and within a couple of days we had onions coming up and a few days later our first peas poked through. Now we have almost every onion sprouted and about half of the peas. So exciting to check on the garden's progress daily. We have only had to water once since we have had plenty of rain in the past 2 weeks.

Magnolia gets so excited about our garden growing because she has helped every step of the way. Last summer she loved to help with the harvest eating some veggies straight from the bush! This summer I'll let her help wash and cook the vegetables we eat from the garden. I think kids learn so much by planting seeds and watching them grow. Oh, and it's all so healthy too!

Boothe's job this summer is just to pose for the camera and look cute! :)

I'm hoping to preserve some of our onions for the winter, but haven't done that before. I need to research it a little to find the best way to do that. It has been so great having stored carrots, canned and frozen tomatoes, corn, peppers and beans to eat all winter. Next winter I'm hoping to add onions, peas and asparagus to the mix.

Yesterday morning we took our weekly trip to the farmer's market and found some fresh asparagus! So exciting!!! We bought 2 pounds to start us off, but we will need much much more. Magnolia and Boothe ate almost 15 whole stalks between them!


  1. you and Dan are raising Magnolia and Boothe the right way, showing them god provides us food through his earth! So proud of you guys!

  2. That didn't take long for those to sprout right up! That is so great that Boothie and Magnolia get to participate in growing their own food. I am totally willing to sample at harvest time.

  3. Tommy, at the risk of subjecting myself to more embarrassment, there are some pics of Magnolia in action in this post:

    Gardening in her Easter dress - gotta love that!