Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pinecone birdfeeders and the aftermath

So the other day we were out for a walk around the neighborhood and I saw someone had made a few pinecone birdfeeders and thought that Magnolia would enjoy making some and then watching the birds. She is already aware that the birds in our yard eat all of the bugs out of the ground so that there are no bugs left in the grass when she walks in it (she couldn't possibly walk in grass that has a bunch of bugs crawling around in it!).

My mom collected a whole bag full of pinecones from her yard. And she said she found an old jar of peanut butter that we could use. I was excited because it saved me from buying a new jar at the grocery store that morning just to give to the birds!

But then, when I opened the jar, it was basically empty - just the scrapings around the side! There was enough peanut butter for about 1 pinecone. About 30 pinecones and the scrapings of a peanut butter jar....hmmm. We didn't have time for a run to the store, so we just made 2 and are saving the rest for another day.

In case you haven't made these before (did anyone not make these at some point when they were a kid?) just take a pinecone and tie a piece of string around the top, spread it with peanut butter and roll it in birdseed. That's it! Sounds yummy, huh?

The ingredients - just add birdseed.

The finished product. Just waiting for birds to flock in from miles away...Then, the next day...

We were bringing our lunch outside the next day and this is the scene that will be etched in our memories forever.......a missing pinecone and a frayed piece of twine.
We quickly found the culprit. He had enough nerve to come back and raid the second pinecone as we were eating our lunch and drag it behind a tree!Making his getaway....


  1. That is hilarious!! Oh my goodness what did Magnolia think of that? What to do next?? Maybe hang one from the clothes line??

  2. good thing theres 28 more!

  3. Arggh! Squirrels! We have one that climbs up the siding along our window and jumps onto our feeder. I always bang on the window and scare it away whenever I see it!