Friday, June 18, 2010

My first trip to Trader Joes

I made my first visit to Trader Joe's the other weekend when I was in Indianapolis for my friend's wedding. I had heard about how great it was for years. I even hopped on the bandwagon on a "Put a Trader Joe's in South Bend" Facebook group. And now I can officially say I have shopped at a Trader Joe's and ummm, it's kinda awesome.

The prices are so reasonable compared to a health food store or my grocery. I grabbed some organic Trader Joe's peanut butter, ketchup and bread. I browsed through a great dried fruit and nut section and bought some organic raisins and cranberries. And I decided to try out their toothpaste and hand soap since both were over half the price of the stuff I normally use. Dan was disappointed that we couldn't try out their award winning Two-Buck-Chuck Wine, but we shopped on a Sunday. Apparently their wine and beer section is very impressive so I'm sure next time we stop by Dan will fill the cart.

We have a wedding in Indy tomorrow so maybe our next trip will be sooner than I think. It just depends on how early we hit the road.

The picture of Boothe has nothing to do with this post or Trader Joe's, I just can't do a blog post without at least one picture!


  1. Ooh, I'm so jealous! I want to go to Trader Joe's!! :)

  2. Boothe is beautiful!! I love that picture, was it taken in Ohio?

  3. TJ's is AWESOME! There is one right near my peeps in Chiago, we go and stock-up all the time...there 2 Buck Chuck is great!!!! I sooo wish they would open one here...I think in a College town too they would do so well!