Monday, June 21, 2010

Gardening {part 5}

Here is what our garden is looking like these days. We have been eating sugar snap peas for by the handful every meal of the day. They have pretty much finished producing though. I think I'll get 1 more handful tomorrow and then we will take out the plants to make room for the other veggies in the garden. I have saved some peas to use as seeds in next year's garden.We put in some garden peas and they are coming up well. This picture was taken a few days ago and since then they have grown to about twice the size and have their little feelers searching for something to grab ahold of.So we made our own compost last year with the grass we dug up from the garden spot, leaves and random yard waste and the occasional melon rind and rotton Halloween pumpkins. Well our pumpkin seeds planted themselves in our garden are are doing very well. We left 2 plants to see what would happen and they have taken over. We should have plenty of pumpkins come fall this year!Our carrots are also doing well. We had success last year preserving our abundance of carrots in /3/sand for the winter so I'm hoping to do that same this year. We put in even more carrots than last year.

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