Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

I didn't post on Father's Day because I wanted to instead post the pictures from the day. I needed some time to download and filter them so that is why there is a couple days delay.

We had a jam packed Sunday. We started out the day at Honker's for breakfast. It's the greatest restaurant ever, especially for breakfast or brunch. It's good and cheap. After we ate we headed to the pool for a couple of hours to play and enjoy the sunshine. Then back home for naps and to the Leeper Park Art Festival for dinner and some playtime at the park.

Boothe's new pose for pictures is picking her nose. And with Magnolia picking her ear in this one, all we need is something for Dan to pick...My children in a cage. Sometimes this is very tempting....
Actually I'm the one in the "cage". The toddler pool is fenced in and Dan and the girls went out for some reason and I was left inside.This is probably the ALL TIME favorite picture of Boothe. This one will be in her high school graduation slideshow and her wedding slideshow. It's precious.This whole series of pictures are priceless. Pure joy!Again with Boothe picking her nose. Everytime we point the camera at her the finger goes directly for her nostril.And this one is my favorite. What a wonderful daddy these 2 girls have!
Happy Father's Day to my dad, my husband and all the wonderful fathers and father-figures out there!

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  1. I feel I am the most blessed Mame in the world,to have such wonderful grand-daughters. Nose picking and all:) God sure blessed these girls when he gave them to you and Dan.