Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 Chicks

We have decided to raise chickens. Not at our house, but at my parents' house. They are outside the city limits and have done it before when I was around Magnolia and Boothe's age. It's not too hard to raise a chicken and we have plenty of family that knows about them, who we can ask if we have questions. I hear it only takes 2 months for a chicken to be full grown. Hope it goes well and we continue to raise more after these. We are also planning on getting 6 fully grown layers soon. I say "we" but I mean my parents since they are the ones doing all the work.Magnolia wanted to name them, but I don't want to get attached. Maybe I'm already attached just looking at this picture. But then they get big and ugly and stupid and then I'm ok.Magnolia was surprisingly gentle with them. Even helping Boothe.Boothe really got a kick out of them. She wanted to hold one SO badly, but would squeeze a little too hard. When she saw one she wanted to grab she would grunt and flap her arms to show her anticipation! Maybe next summer!
My sister and I were having a hard time finding affordable trustworthy poultry. This is our solution. Next we will have my mom milking cows....

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  1. Those pictures are precious! I Love those girls... What next??? Milk, eggs...ect