Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few more knitted things {part 3}

Well I think I have about wrapped up all of my past knitting projects. I have a few more things that I need to take pictures of and 1 more post to display those and I should be all caught up. It has been fun to go back and remember/find all of the things I have made and document them all!

This was the last project I finished up. A pair of ruffle bottomed pants for Boothe. I just love the ruffle!This is a newborn sweater. It is seriously so tiny.I made this hat for Magnolia's first birthday.Hat and scarf. It is still too big for Magnolia. I made it awile ago with some leftover yarn.I'm obsessed with this baby bonnet. I made one in each size and if I ever have a boy I will knit him one in blue in each size!A dress I made before Magnolia was even born and it just now fits her.Two EASY boatneck sweaters. These are the first sweaters I made.I made this hoodie for Magnolia last fall.
I made this back without a pattern and I think it turned out really well. I used it as my diaper bag all winter.Booties, booties and more booties. They are just so easy to make with leftover yarn.And, like I said, more booties.Cloth diaper covers. I will post more later about my experience with cloth diapers.
Soon I will share the project that I'm currently finishing up. Matching sweaters for the girls.


  1. Actually, I remember the FIRST sweater you made... wasn't it for Dan...? HA! You've come a LOONNGG way since that sweater and SO quickly! Seriously Jenica, you've got some serious knitting talent!!

  2. Brooke is soo right about your talent! Your knitting is beautiful....