Monday, June 7, 2010

Lindsay got married

My good friend from high school got married this past weekend and Magnolia and I were honored to be part of the wedding party. The wedding was in Indianapolis and we had a blast! Magnolia had been talking about dancing at the wedding for weeks! Here are some pictures to highlight the big day!

Sara putting some blush on Magnolia. She felt like such a big girl putting on makeup with everyone else.Magnolia and Grace, the other flower girl and one of my best friend's daughters.Mame and Boothe. I hardly saw my baby all day, it was weird!9 lovely ladies.2 of the stars of the show.And here begins Magnolia and her dance moves. She gets crazier at every wedding.Sara trying to rub off some bad habits, I'm sure.... but isn't this a great picture of these two!By the end of the night, Magnolia's dance moves involved laying on the floor. Time for bed!
Congrats to the new couple. Ryan and Lindsay Noward! What a beautiful couple. So happy for you!


  1. It was a beautiful wedding, you girls were absolutely stunning!! I think Magnolia and Boothe had a wonderful time last weekend. Magnolia's dance moves are very cool:)

  2. You and Magnolia looked beautiful!!! The bride was smashing! Looks like a greatweekend, LOVEweddings!