Friday, June 25, 2010

Garage sale finds {round 4}

So I skipped out on garage sales this weekend. I didn't even check the paper because I didn't want to find out what I'm missing! I've exhausted my second-hand allowance for the month and didn't really feel like taking the girls out today anyways. Here are some things I have found recently.

I love these old glass jars for storing things. Not sure what I'll be putting in this, but it goes nice in my kitchen. $1.A couple books. I love Shel Silverstein poems and Jodi Picoult books. I hate buying books at full price or even on sale. Solution: used and cheap!This is the soap I use in my homemade laundry detergent. I'm not sure how old this bar is. I found it at an estate sale. The packaging for Fels-Naptha is now different. Only a quarter.10 cents...15 cents new about 30 years ago. I really pulled one over on them... So far 6 pairs of shoes for $10 TOTAL. 5 of the 6 are Stride Rite. I've been looking for saddle shoes and haven't found any in stores. I found 3 different sizes at 1 garage sale.I'm trying to not buy any more Pull-Ups for Magnolia to wear to bed. They are dry about half the time in the morning, but when we tried wearing only underwear to bed, I was changing too many sheets. These are waterproof covers, 4 for 50 cents. I'm trying these with training underwear under them. A few pieces of clothes here and there. No, I would not dress my children in these 4 at the same time.This set was only 50 cents and we have a couple other sets like them that are perfect for Magnolia to eat with. I'm not a fan of the plastic utensils for kids.We got a whole bag of plastic plates, bowls and cups for $5. I will use the melamine bowls in the house, the rest is for playing outside in the playhouse, swimming pool, beach, etc.2 more movies for $2.The Easter Bunny brought Magnolia a box of "tell me a story" cards and we really like them. This set is a different story line and is in brand new condition for only $1.A floaty for Boothie, $1. I also found the one Magnolia uses (it's perfect) at a garage sale last fall.These were still in the box. Brand spanking new. I remember having a pair like this as a kid, but they were the regular skate kind. Now kids are MUCH cooler so only In-Line will do. $8.A play tent for $5. It connects to a tunnel which Boothe is just so happening to be getting for her birthday!A travel DVD player for only $20. Huh? Why were they selling this? Plugs into the car and hooks on to the back of the front seat for long trips or packs nicely for airplane rides. Having one of these isn't essential so I wouldn't have bought one at the store brand new, but I wasn't going to pass it up for $20. It will get more than $20 worth of uses.And this. This is probably the strangest, most unlikely thing I have ever purchased at a garage sale. It is a 1/4 sized violin for young children to learn to play on. I had no intentions of having my girls take violin lessons...but now I do. It's a $200 (minus value for being used) violin and I paid $10 for it. As I debated whether to get it or not I realized that I could at the very least sell it for more than $10 on craigslist or ebay.


  1. WOW! You are a master garage must go reallly early or have some secret trick!? I actually was hoping I might get you to come with me tomorrow to some sales!