Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peaches in the Summertime

Last Saturday we visited Eau Claire, MI to pick some peaches.  Those big fruits are great to pick with kids because you can get as much as you want in very little time.  We picked 43 pounds to mostly can but we will definitely eat a few too.  Somehow we managed to visit the orchard on the most pleasant afternoon all summer.  We arrived (during this extraordinarily hot summer) at about 4pm (usually the hottest time of the day) and the temperature was 78 degrees and cloudy.  What luck!
 We weighed the kids before going into the orchard and when they came out to see how many pounds they had eaten...haha!

 We were looking for firmer ones since those are much easier to work with when canning.  I came across the most perfect peach on the planet.  Big and just soft enough so when you bit into it juice dripped onto your chin.  I'm still thinking about that peach and will probably dream about it tonight.

You can tell Henry is teething when he is constantly sucking on his bottom lip.  The poor guy has a terrible time getting teeth.  When we took him in to have his 6 month pictures taken he would smile but mostly with that lip sucked in.  He now has both of his bottom teeth in but I know the top are going to be just as painful for him.
 The fruits of our labor.

What's your favorite fruit?  Blueberries and peaches are hard to beat, for me.


  1. im so envious of your canning and freezing! sigh....! cute pics and i cant believe how big henry is, wow!

  2. Great photos!!! Henry is just a doll!