Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boo's Bouncy Birthday

The last of June/first of July weekend was busy for us.  We had a cookout for Boothe's birthday on Saturday and Henry was baptised at church on Sunday.  The next post will be about Henry's baptism, but for now I'll share about our little 3 year old's party.  We rented a bounce house for the day but didn't tell the girls.  Literally they came home from running a few last minute errands with Dan on the morning of the party and the bounce house was set up in front of our garage when they got home.  They had no idea except that we had a big surprise for them at the party.

This was Boothe's face when she first peeked around the corner of the house and saw it.  Then she gasped, said "I Love It!" and took off running towards it.  We were really pleased with the quality of the company we rented the house from.  I think their website is http://www.just4jumping.com/.  We would definitely use them again if we did something like this another year.

 We set up the backyard for the party.  I let Boothe choose the color of the table clothes and plates.  I wasn't surprised when the theme of the party quickly turned pink!

 This bounce house was about the size of our garage.  I was shocked by how big it was.
 We set up lots of water activities for the kids.  It was (like almost every day this summer) a hot one.

 The slip and slide was definitely a fan favorite!

 We had almost 300 water balloons filled up for a big fight.  These are some of the kids before Boothe threw the first balloon.

 This was right after all the balloons had been popped.  There was a bunch of water left in the coolers and as the kids lined up to take the picture, Dan and Jeremy surprised them.  No one knew it was coming.  I love some of these facial expressions! ha
 Cake time for the birthday girl!

 Time for cards and gifts.  She got some movies and books, dress up clothes and workbooks, My Little Pony toys and jump ropes and cold hard cash.  She is loved by so many!

 Paint her green and I'd say this is a little grinch smile, what do you think?
 Cute twirly party dress? No.  Fun bathing suit to enjoy all of the water activities?  No.  Underwear only?  Yes, please.

 Magnolia & Kaelyn, best buds for about 4 years now! They met when they were only 9 months old!
 Each birthday, we take a very informal family photo.  These are the best we could get!  Ha.  The more kids we have, the crazier these pictures seem to get!

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  1. SO cute!...Looks like a ball! LOved the panties...:) That girl knows how to party! Ha. Great family pics and I love the b&w of her in the petticoat...sweet!