Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Henry's Baptism

On July 1st, Henry was baptised at our church, Sunnyside Presbyterian, the same church that Magnolia, Boothe and I were baptised.  He wore the same gown as the girls.  Our families came to church that morning and then we all went out to brunch at Sorin's on the campus of Notre Dame.  I just love these times of family celebrations.  How blessed and loved we are.
 Henry looks a little worried here.  Not sure if it's the water that's about to be poured on his head or the fact that I put him in a dress in front of all these people!

 He fell asleep right after he was baptised and slept through the rest of the service and afterwards while we were getting some pictures.  He woke up once I passed him to my mom so everyone else could get their picture with the special guy.

 Magnolia wanted to get her chance to hold him and get a picture! ha