Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shirley Temples

The girls had their first taste of curlers the other night.  After bath while their hair was still wet I rolled 'em right up.  I thought for sure one of them would have a melt down as they were going to bed because it would feel funny to sleep on them.  But nope.  And now I think they are hooked.  I had to do them on Saturday night so they could wear their curls to church.

Remember Glamour Shots?  Seriously, people!  Name something from our past that is more embarrassing than that...I narrowly escaped the humiliation since I never was glamoured up and then photographed, but you all know I wanted to.

 Ready for bed.  They can't wait to see how their hair looks in the morning.
 Cute as a button...
 And pretty as a peach!


  1. That is precious!! I love it...

  2. Ready for Glamor Shots by Deb.

  3. Oh how cute!! I know they were so proud of their curls! They are adorable!! Peggy