Monday, July 23, 2012

Tennis Lessons

Magnolia is taking tennis lessons this summer and just loves it.  She has been taking them with Dale Campbell, a tennis pro and family friend, since the beginning of June.  Dan is quite the tennis player and it looks like Magnolia is taking after him.  It's just such great exercise and something that we can all play together as a family once Boothe and Henry are a little older.  Hopefully this winter Magnolia and Dan can get over to the racquet club a few times to hit balls together and bond.
 Check out that follow through....

 Look out Wimbledon...
 Boothe doesn't even care that she isn't the one taking the lesson.  She has way too much fun collecting all of the balls laying around!

 I showed this picture to Boothe and she said "I'm all the way up to the sky!"

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  1. These are wonderful pictures! They are getting sooo big:)