Monday, July 2, 2012

Destin, FL

Although our trip began in Indiana, passing through Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama, attending a wedding in Rosemary Beach; the real vacation began on Sunday when we traveled to Destin, FL.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn, Destin on the Beach.  This was totally a kid-geared hotel with lots of activities, pools, free ice cream in the afternoons, free movie rentals and a kids club room with lots of games and toys.  Even though at times I wished we were at a more luxurious hotel and I was the one being pampered, all the distractions for the kids really made my week much more relaxing.  So our first family vacation was a success and we hope to plan one again next spring.

Little tables, chairs, coloring books and crayons sprinkled through out the hotel gave the girls something to do when we needed to kill 20 minutes here and there.
 The hotel is right on the beach so we headed down there once a day for some sand and sea time.

 Most of the time Henry and I hung out on a blanket and watched the girls.  On our last day we suited him up and he joined us in the ocean for a bit because the water was really calm that day.

 On our first night there, there was face painting for the kids.  Magnolia chose a rainbow and butterfly.  Boothe went with the ladybug and monkey designs.

 We enjoyed the heated indoor pool for the few times that it was rainy or chilly outside.  Henry was especially fond of this pool since it was so warm.

 If you ask Boothe what her favorite part of vacation was she'll tell you the hot tub! Ha.  I was right next to the indoor pool and once she got out of the pool and went and got in the hot tub.  I looked over to check on her and there she sat just her and two old guys!  It looked so funny.  She was just watching them like she was part of their conversation.
 Other kid evens in the later afternoons were a pet show with all kids of birds, turtles, rabbits, dogs, mice and rats that the kids could pet; 2 magic shows; a birthday party for everyone including cake, balloons and presents; and sand dollar and tshirt painting.

 They were swimming everyday for hours and hours and hours and loved every minute of it.
 Henry fell asleep outside in my arms a couple times but he usually got too hot and wouldn't sleep well so most of his naps were in our room with either Dan or I.

 Our last day in Florida and last time at the beach and in the ocean.  This is when Henry joined us.  The sound of the waves was so relaxing to him.  He was so content being near the water.

 And our last time in the pool.  It's so nice to get away once in awhile as a family, make some memories and recharge.  We left Friday after breakfast and drove straight home.  We ended up at home at 2am and didn't feel too tired until that last stretch from Indianapolis to South Bend.

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