Friday, August 3, 2012

Rainy Day Fun #1

We finally got some rain.  Lots and lots of rain and wonderful thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms are the greatest.  Not just when we are in a drought, but anytime.  They are just so dang cozy.

So during a rainy day last week we did Sharpie Tie-Dyes.  They turned out so so cute and were really easy to make.  Here's how we did it.

Gather your supplies.  1. 70% rubbing alcohol.  2. A dropper.  3. Sharpies in all different colors.
 And 4. A shirt or whatever you want to tie-dye.  I chose to use little girls undershirts.  They come in a pack of 3 for about $7, have a cute little edging along the top and sometimes those home made decorated white t-shirts look a little too home made.  Puffy paint, anyone?
 I used a pint mason jar with the lid on, placed it under just the front side of the tank and put it in place with a rubber band.  Place the jar where ever you want to make your flower/tie-dye design.
 Use the Sharpies to make circles of dots.

 Once all the dots are on, use the dropper to drip the alcohol onto the marker dots.  The alcohol causes the colors to run and tie-dye the circled top of the jar.  It really has to sit for a bit before it will look really cool.  But the alcohol doesn't have to dry before moving the jar and starting on another flower.
 Move onto the next flower.
 I told them both, these are your flowers so make them whatever colors you want and make the dots anyway you want them.  Magnolia stuck to the circle idea.  Boothe had her own ideas.

 Drip more alcohol on the next set of dots.
 After the flowers have dried, I drew the stems and threw the shirts in the dryer for 15 minutes to set the colors.  Didn't they turn out so good!?!  Cute, cute, cute!

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