Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swimming Lessons 2012

This summer Magnolia was old enough for swimming lessons so the Monday we got back from vacation she started.  At first I didn't know where I was going to send her to take lessons.  I had taken them from a woman at her home when I was a kid and wanted that same kind of thing for Magnolia.  The only recommendations I got were for the local high schools and YMCAs.  And then my mom found out from a friend that the lady who taught me how to swim was still doing lessons in the summers!  Woo-hoo, so cool!

The lessons were every morning for 2 weeks for an hour each.  I dropped her off every day but on the last day of class we got to stay and watch.  I was SO impressed by what these kids were learning.  Can't express how much I was impressed.  We will definitely take them again from her next summer and Boothe will be old enough too.

 Doing bobs.
 Floating on her belly and doing glides under the water.

 For free time they could jump in the play.
 She learned the breast-stroke, free-style and the back-stroke.
 Diving for rings on the bottom of the shallow end.
 Jumping in and swimming across the pool.

And now we just have to visit some pools this summer so she can put to use what she has learned.  It was pretty rough having to be somewhere every day for 2 weeks, especially right after getting home from vacation, but after watching everything she had learned in just 2 weeks, it was well worth it.


  1. Hi Jenica,
    Awesome pictures and thanks for making this blog. Swimming is great exercise to burn calories and to lose weight. Swimming makes heart and lungs strong and strengthen back, shoulders and arms muscles.

  2. That is amazing what she can do! Great photo's

  3. That is amazing what she can do! Great photo's