Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday

Last Wednesday, the 27th our No. 2 turned this many...
 She enjoyed a birthday donut for breakfast.
 And cake after dinner.

We had a little birthday party/cookout for her yesterday with family and friends.  She is so loved by all.  After 3 years she is still Miss Personality making everyone laugh as the things that come out of that sweet mouth of her.  This spring/summer she has learned to ride a bike (with trainers), write her name and has started doing puzzles with Magnolia.  She has a great love for animals of all kinds and can be found singing songs she has made up sometimes dancing is also involved.  She has no "dresses" or "skirts" only "tutus".  If it twirls, it's a tutu and that's all she wants to wear.  Magnolia and her love Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony and coloring.  She is an intense, imaginative, and sensitive little girl and 100% Boothe!

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  1. Can't believe Boothe is 3 years old!! She is such a beautiful little girl, love love love her!!