Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Outdoor Activities #3 (Indoor Edition)

There was a heat wave around here that kept us all indoors for about a week.  100 degree temperatures and me don't mix unless there is a pool involved.  I wasn't even suggesting that the girls do out to play for any part of the day except the early morning.  So we got creative inside instead.  We made puff ball/marshmallow shooters.  Easy and fun.  Cut a plastic drinking glass in half with a pair of scissors.  Tie the end of a balloon without putting any air inside and then cut off the untied end.  Stretch the balloon around the rim-edge of the cup (the side you would drink out of).  The tied part of the balloon is what you pull back on the launch whatever you put in the cup.

Older kids could get more creative with aiming and distance games but we were just enjoying trying to hit the ceiling and each other.  And then gathering up all the puff balls on the floor before Henry got to them.

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