Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vacation {Part 2}

We met my parents, brother and some aunts and uncles in Rosemary Beach for the wedding festivities.  The sand down there is amazing and the girls loved playing with it.  The waves in the ocean while we were there were a bit rough so we opted for the pool instead.  Luckily while we were in Destin for the rest of our trip the ocean was calm enough to play in.

 The only thing that could make this picture any better is a tan line.
 Henry all suited up for a dip in the pool.  We were all getting ready to head down for a swim and Dan got some good pics of Henry.  It was his first time in the water other than a bath and he loved every minute of it.

 After so many hours in the car and so much anticipation of vacation, the girls were so excited to finally go swimming.  They were running around the condo like mad women...actually they were basically acting like they do on a daily basis!

 After day 1, the girls were little fish in the water.  After day 8, Magnolia was swimming without her life vest.  Perfect timing to start swimming lessons the Monday after we got back.  She was so comfortable in the water.

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