Friday, September 3, 2010

When Sisters Play Nice get lots of sharing,laughs,fun, and giggles.

Don't I wish it was like this all of the time! Usually Magnolia is pushing the car, but Boothe isn't in the car, she is in front of it!

Tomorrow ND Football season kicks off and Dan is ready. He isn't working on Monday (Labor Day) probably so he can have another day to talk about the game. We are all looking forward to some quality family time over the next 3 days. Sunday also marks our 6 year anniversary. Hope I have lots to share next week. Enjoy the long weekend and the last of summer!


  1. Haha those girls are sooo precious!

  2. Great pictures! Those two crack me up.

  3. I love my babies!! Hope you all have a GREAT long weekend!! Happy Anniversary :)