Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ayla's Baptism

We traveled out to Frederick, CO for the baptism of our neice, Ayla, last weekend. Ayla attends this little picture perfect church in downtown Frederick. It was a small private baptism so everyone was up close to the font when the Father was performing the sacrament. We were so happy to be able to travel so far for this special weekend.Dan's brother, Pete. His wife, Melissa. And baby, Ayla, in her christening gown.Magnolia snuggling with Ayla.She was a good girl during our time at the church. It's hard to sit still and be quiet for that long and although she really didn't sit still, she was very quiet and curious. Dan took Boothe outside, but that's to be expected with a 1 year old.
Lots more pictures from Colorado to come this week!

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  1. I love Magnolia's sweater. Church looks quaint, very nice.