Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The End to Lost Cards

I got tired of Magnolia's card games always being mixed together and the boxes being ripped and falling apart. I saw this online awhile ago and decided to try it out myself. It was easy, took only a few minutes per deck and now everything stays nice and organized. Also, for the flashcards, we keep them on the ring at all times and flip through the cards as they hang. Works great in the car, in the diaper bag and at home.I hole punched about 4 cards at a time and put a binder ring through the deck.
I would love to hear other ways to keep toys, games, books and cards organized in the playroom!


  1. GREAT idea...you are such a good Mama! :)

  2. What a clever thing to do!! You will save a bunch of lost cards doing this....

  3. just did this...love it! Also, did you rdo the dollhouse? was it yours? trying to decide if we should give charlotte mine this year?! thoughts.