Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Carrots of our Garden

We pulled about half our carrots last week just to thin them out and let the smaller ones have more room to grow larger before we pull those in about a month. Judging by how much of the tops of the carrots we could see we knew we had some big ones. Some looked more like sweet potatoes than carrots. This was the first one we pulled...Magnolia was a great helper to her daddy. Boothe was...well, Boothe was something else...DIRT!!! Lift...and drop!The fruit of our labor. Lots of carrots to eat and boy have we been eating them!Boothe didn't play in the dirt the whole time. She eventually wondered over to the picked carrots to explore.Some of these are going into the refrigerator for us to eat within the next few weeks and the rest will be stored in moist sand in our attic for a few months. We did this last year and they store great. I actually read that stored carrots increase in vitamin A for the first 5 months of storage.
I wonder how big the rest of the carrots will be when we pull them next month!


  1. My what green thumbs you guys have!! They are huge that soil is rich! Is that how Boothe is getting so big by tasting the soil????

  2. YUMMY == Just ask Boo! Gramma K

  3. Looks tasty! Bet that bath water was pretty murky that night!!