Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Plasma, LCD, LED, blah, blah, blah

Dan decided he wanted a new tv for the living room for football season. We have never bought a tv before, Dan works really hard and rarely spends money on himself so I said go for it! I should have said go for it, but do it by yourself. Instead the girls and I were dragged to 3 different stores to tv shop, compare and finally buy. He's like a giddy little kid about it. We don't even have cable, but now those local channels look real nice! Go ND!

The girls' faces sum up our desperation at the 2nd store....Magnolia finally lost all control at the 3rd store...
Dan actually had to take us home, think about which tv he wanted and go back to buy it while I put the girls to bed. So I guess this is an open invitation to join us at our house for ND football games!


  1. How do you leave out the most important part? What did he end up getting??