Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colorado Trip {part 2}

On Saturday before the baptism we visited the Denver Children's Museum. The girls had a ball! I wish we had one this big closer, but I did find out that one of our local children's museums, Healthworks, has an affiliate membership with a great museum in St. Joe, MI that we have visited before, the one in Denver and 38 others! I'm thinking about getting us a year membership to give us some places to visit this winter.

Anyways, this museum in Denver had a toddler area that we went to first. Magnolia and Ayla began exploring right away. Boothe...finished her nap in my arms for the first 20 or 30 minutes. As soon as she figured out what she was missing though she was up and running around with her big sis.Has anyone seen Baby Ayla?There was a imaginary garden with fabric veggies stuck in holes in "dirt".If I ever open an Apothecary shop in a hollowed out tree, I want this to be my sign out front. It is so cute!Next stop were to some musical stars that played tunes when stepped on.A soft magical fairyland bridge.Real sized trees and logs and whimsical playthings.
And much much more from this museum to come tomorrow.... :)

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