Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Mimi dropped this dollhouse off at our house last week and since then the girls have been fighting over every square inch of it! ha

Dan's parents wanted to get the girls a dollhouse. We looked around for awhile and I finally took Magnolia to the dollhouse store and let her play with the houses and this is the one she was drawn to and played with most of the time we were there. We all think it is just darling! And the girls can't get enough of it.

Here is a picture of the inside of the house, but I will take more detailed ones soon and post those too. I also need to get a shot of the outside front of the house.Shortly after Mimi dropped off the house. Magnolia was so excited to play with it, she started dancing and jumping and spinning around!That evening we carried it up to Magnolia's room where it will stay. Here are the girls after bath time, playing with the dollhouse toilet. haBoothe lifting up the roof to reveal "Boothe's Nursery" and "Magnolia's Bedroom". I forgot to mention that the dolls that live in the house are a mommy, daddy, little girl (M) and baby (B). Did you even notice the dollhouse in the background? I find it hard to get past the baby buttcheeks, especially with dimples!This makes me think of the Doublemint Gum jingle...
More detailed dollhouse pictures to come. It was seriously fun picking out furnishings for the house. And I may or may not play with it when the girls are napping....


  1. That is the neatest doll house ever!!! Perfect for them to learn to play together:)

  2. so cute!!!! this is the year of the dollhouse for charlotte too, i think...that last pic is precious,you should it blow it up, frame it and hang it above the dollhouse!