Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twirling, Pumpkins and a new Lens

This week as I was cleaning out some drawers and closets for our garage sale, I came across my old Nikon film camera. I can't even tell you which model it is. It is in a case and I didn't open the case, but I considered putting it in the garage sale. I placed it back on the shelf to think about it more and later the thought crossed my mind that maybe the lens on that camera would work on my D80....interesting. And I didn't even know what lens that old camera had on it. I went and got it, put it on my camera and viola -- a "feels-like-a-new" lens! A Nikkon 28-80. Perfect. Makes me want to take more pictures. And I have been.

Magnolia twirling. Just because that's what she does when she has a dress on.
And finally we had had enough of our backyard being consumed by pumpkin vines. Last weekend we ripped out ALL of the vines. Our final count is 15; 9 large, 6 small. They are on a card table in a cool dark place in our basement. I really don't think we need anymore. It feels good to be done with those vines. Now all that are left are the carrots, which are doing great. Ahh, it feels good to be done with those pumpkins!


  1. great pictures and a great subject! I bet it is nice to have your yard back:)