Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harvests from the garden

Our garden has been busy and we have been enjoying a small early harvest. We pulled about half of our onions early. They were small to medium in size, but definitely big enough.Most of the greens had shriveled up so we knew the onions probably weren't going to get any bigger anyways. I think our massive pumpkin vines had shaded the onions a little too much. Better planning next year. We still have several bulbs in the ground that we are hoping will grow larger. I sat the onions in the sun after I pulled them to dry a bit and them put about 75% of them in a mesh bag hanging in the garage to dry the rest of the way. This is the proper way to preserve them through the winter, but I don't think I have enough to last more than a couple months so I won't know if I'm drying them correctly. One day I will have a large garden with enough produce to last me through the year! :)These are our first 3 pumpkins. Pumpkins in July...something we've never heard of. That is until a pumpkin seed came into contact with our ultra furtile soil. Now I have 3 basketball sized pumpkins sitting on my kitchen counter.Make that 4 little pumpkins...Our pumpkin vines are quickly taking over our yard. We now have a bigger area of pumpkin vines in our yard than the size of our garden.The actual garden is way back there behind this mess.We have 8 more pumpkins on the vine turning orange.One of the vines is a breed of smaller pumpkins and the other grows regular sized ones.Our poor little carrots stuck in the middle of all this chaos. We keep cutting back the vines to ensure the carrots are getting enough sunlight.
Well, enough of our crazy garden. This week I have some newly canned goods to share!

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