Monday, August 2, 2010

Let the Canning Begin!

This seasons canning has begun and we now have lots of beans canned and a couple jars of spicy dill pickles. This year we used quart sized jars for the beans. Last year the pint jars were perfect sized for Dan and I and a little bit for Magnolia to eat. This year we have 4 mouths to feed and we are consuming much more of everything! We have 19 new cans of beans and about 6 left over from last year. I've been trying new recipes for green beans and our new favorite is cooked beans with some melted butter and bread crumbs sprinkled on top.These dill pickles have some kick to them and are great! We are using this recipe from I like using the wide mouth jars for pickles since you are usually just trying to fish out 1 or 2 pickle slices at a time.Other than enjoying the season's fresh produce, we have been playing outside a lot. We have had lots of nice days for playing in the water. Last week we visiting a water playground (so cool!) and have also spent some time at the splash pad, the pool and of course our water table which sometimes gets sat in by one or both girls at the same time!Boothe grew out of the Medium sized BumGenius diapers so I washed those up well and tried to remove as much of the diaper rash cream stains as I could. Diaper rash cream is the ONLY thing that has stained our diapers and I knew that, but Boothe has sensitive skin and gets rashes often so I would rather have a soothed bum and a stained diaper. I'm also converting the diapers from velcro to snaps. I'm starting with the medium size since they are no longer in use and then once Boothe is potty trained and out of the large size, I will do those too. The velcro on the mediums are shot. The velcro on the large is still very functional so I'm not in a hurry to do those. I'm sure that velcro will too be worn out in the next 6-8 months. I'll post more on this later.
We are having quite the busy week this week. Lots of visiting with friends!


  1. Are you going to convert the velcro to snaps on the diaps yourself? How did you figure out how to do that? I guess that's why you said you'd post more on that later, huh? :) I just got some replacement velcro tabs from cotton babies for my diaps and have been planning to sew the new velcro on them, but just haven't had the time yet. If I could convert them to snaps though, I might just have to do that...

  2. the pickles look SO good! i need to get started on my canning! i am dragging my feet this year, maybe when the kids are back in school....