Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reins of Life

On Saturday we drove over to Michigan City to attend a fundraiser for the not-for-profit that my mother-in-law is involved with, Reins of Life. It's a therapeutic horseback riding organization. The fundraiser was a dog and horse show and there were things going on all over the grounds. Although the day was hot, the event was well organized and we had a really nice time. Especially the girls, who couldn't get enough of the dogs and horses.

Boothe, of course, had to have a front row seat to see the first horse show of the day.Magnolia enjoyed watching the horses for a little bit, but then was off to see if there were any dolphins, alligators or roosters there...? She was really hoping for a dolphin sighting, but no such luck.We headed over to the Kiddie Korral where Magnolia got her face painted and her fingers polished. When I washed her nose and whiskers off that night she was slightly sad and said "but I'm not going to be a kitty cat anymore."Mimi and Bop entertained Boothe while Magnolia was getting her finger nails painted. Or maybe it was Boothe who was entertaining them...And after a couple hours, it was time to go home. Although Magnolia wanted to stay. We'll go back next year.

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  1. great pictures! Maybe next year they will have dolphins and alligators:) She will have to come to Boppies house to see the rooster:)