Monday, August 23, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

What a fun weekend we had. Starting on Thursday (my birthday) the four of us enjoyed a dinner out together. Then on Friday we joined Dan's parents for dinner and then some fun at the park. And finally on Saturday, we met my parents and went out for dinner followed by a walk in downtown Mishawaka's river walk. I'm birthday-ed out, but how nice it has been to have no kitchen to clean up nightly!

Boothe joined Magnolia on a trip down the slide...and BOY, did she LOVE it!Our little monkey climbing up the slide sideways.Look at that face. All her feistiness, sweetness, stubbornness and spirit captured in this face.More slide.Tickle, tickle, tickle.Showing off on the big slide!And Saturday's walk by the river...

Mame was over in the corner having a heart attack while this picture was taken since Magnolia was close to the water.The fam...Stopping to smell the flowers...and then ripping them from the pot.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful weekend! I wonder what adventures the next year will bring as I enjoy the last year of my 20s! ha

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  1. I get nervous around water..... those girls are soo much fun!!