Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boothe's First Donut

So last weekend, we had donuts for breakfast. We don't do this very often so when we do, it's always a big treat. This happened to be the first time we had them since Boothe has been old enough to eat one herself. Magnolia picked out a nice chocolatey cream-filled one for her. Boothe didn't waste anytime jumping right in and taking her first bite. Then she just sat like this...

Staring into space...

Chocolate dripping from her mouth...I'm not even sure if she swallowed.She was in shock that something this good existed.She didn't even move her lips or her hands. The chocolate stayed hanging there until it eventually dropped and landed on her tray.It was at this moment that she decided she never wanted to eat anything but donuts for the rest of her life.
And then she took another bite.


  1. Oh my gosh:) She is something!!! I love that girl!!!! I also love donuts:)

  2. Magnolia sure picked out a good donut for Boothe!! I hope she didn't waste any of that chocolate.... Yummy!! Can't wait to see my girls -- Will be heading to South Bend this evening for several days of playtime! Love, Gramma Kath