Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Kitchen

Next up on the house tour is our kitchen.  This room has changed the most since we moved in.  We painted the yellow walls a light blue color.  We painted the oak colored caninets linen white.  We replaced the cracked white floor tiles that had black-from-age grout with natural slate tiles.  And we changed up the ceiling light to add so so so much more light into the kitchen.  I think the kitchen needs to be the best lit room of the whole house.  Don't skimp there.

Two big double windows add lots of natural daytime light into the kitchen.  And we have been spoiled by the stainless steel counter tops.  They were here when we moved in but didn't look nearly as striking with the old kitchen colors/design.  They are basically indestructible and I would definitely consider them again in a new house someday for at least a portion of the kitchen countertops.

This is going from the dining room into the kitchen.

Our mismatched kitchen chairs were picked up at different garage sales and all painted linen white to match. We are quickly out growing this table though. Once Henry is out of a high chair we won't use this table as often as we do now. The old window I picked up at a flea market sale and I hung a simple burlap wreath on it. The sign I made a few months ago and blogged a bit about how I made that. The doorway leads to the back hallway and living room.

This is the back hallway leading to the backyard. Off the hallway are 2 closets (cleaning and coat) and a full bath. This part of the house was added on later and is a great addition to the home. The closets are essential and before this addition, there was no bathroom downstairs. Although I don't think that bathroom needs to have a shower, it has been used a ton in the summertime as the kids come in dirty and march right around the corner and into the shower.
And that is our kitchen. Small but mighty.

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