Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Along with joining in the masses whose kids go to school, I am now responsible for making up 24 cute valentine cards for Magnolia's classmates. Luckily Pinterest was invented and I don't have to do too much creative thinking myself for cute ideas. We can't send candy but I still wanted to send something other than just a piece of paper with a cutesy love message on it. I found the perfect one on Pinterest and Magnolia and I made then up this week. Dan printed off the cards on card stock, I cut them out, and magnolia addressed them to her friends and signed her name. I was planning on letting her stick the glow sticks in the hole punched holes but it was a bit tricky and we lost a couple to being bent and lit up so all the glow will be out of them by the time she gives them to her friends. We had a few extras though and I finished up the rest.


  1. Cute! I wish that they couldn't send candy at K's school! I'll have to remember this idea for next year because I always try to do candy-free Valentine's that the kids can still feel good about giving to their friends.