Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage Board Games

A few weekends ago we went to an estate auction. We had never been before. Wow, what an experience! It's like a different world in there with the auctioneer talking a mile a minute, people bidding on boxes of the most random stuff, and things going for really cheap!

We went because the ad for the auction listed "tons of vintage Christmas decorations" and we would like to find some old Christmas lights. We are sick of the new lights that burn out after 1 season and new strands of lights are needed to be bought every freakin year!!! Did you know that strands of Christmas lights are only expected to last for 90 days? We actually read this on a stand of lights last Christmas. And then they are just trash and then everyone is just frustrated!

So anyways, we didn't come away with any Christmas lights but we did score a box of board games for $5! Most of them were from the 60s and really cool. They are in great shape and all the pieces are accounted for. We were all excited about our little treasure and many many games of Battleship, Sorry and Hi-Q have been played. Can't wait for marathon sessions of Monopoly when the kids are older. What is your favorite board game? Does your family play together often enough?

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  1. Fun! We played Monopoly with K at my mom's house a few weekends ago, and besides being so long that we couldn't really finish the game - she could totally play with us. It's great for learning about counting money!