Monday, February 18, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

Dan and the girls had another fun date night this year at the annual daddy-daughter dance. They talk about it for weeks in advance and remember things from the previous year. It's always fun to send them out for a special night with daddy. The house is so quiet without those 2 around. They got home and were absolutely exhausted. It was hard to get them out of their dresses and into some pajamas! Our friends, Jeremy, and his daughter, Kaelyn, joined us first at our house and then they all left for the dance. I think Jeremy and Kaelyn have gone to the daddy daughter dance with Dan and the girls every year. It's such a wonderful tradition for our family. I love the memories this night out creates and the relationship it develops between Dan and the girls.

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  1. These pictures are priceless!! Memories for a lifetime..