Sunday, October 10, 2010

More on Cloth Diapering

When I wrote a previous post on cloth diapering, I said that the one thing I have had trouble with is the velcro closure wearing out and no longer holding my diapers together. I have gotten a whole new set of mediums and larges free from BumGenius because they were still under the 1 year warranty, but then the warranties expired and I was left with perfectly good cloth diapers with perfectly bad velcro.

I then came across and I was sold. This woman removed the old velcro and replaced it with snaps. And the snaps even match the color of the diapers (which is just a bonus). She will also replace worn out elastic and lots of other things to spruce up old diapers. They came in the mail last week and I haven't had to rely on a disposable diaper since. I am just tickled pink!

Here is what they look like when snaped together.Here is the rows of snaps in which to use depending on the size of the child. Lots of options for a better fit.I'm dreaming of snaps these days....

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