Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Big 3rd Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had the annual party to celebrate Magnolia's birthday.  This was the first year we invited a few of her friends.  Since we hosted the party at our house we kept it to her closest friends from playgroup.  We kept it simple and insisted on NO GIFTS from her friends.  Them coming over to play was plent of a present for the birthday girl.  Plus she is spoiled enough by her grandparents, aunts and uncles and of course Dan and I.

I prepared gift bags for the girls to take home.
 I made each of her friends a flower hair clip.
Each of the girls made a pine cone bird feeder (aka pine cone squirrel meal).  I spread them with peanut butter and they got to roll them around in a bowl of birdseed.
They also painted mini pumpkins.  They really enjoyed this craft.  I planned for each girl to paint one, but they were having so much fun that they each did 2 or 3 and we had plenty of extras so they kept busy.
 This is what each friend took home from the party.
 Here is the little girl table set up for the luncheon.
 I kept the decorations simple and fall-ish.  The little girls had a mix of fall and pink to keep it girly!
 We made lots of treats...carmeled apples...
 Iced pumpkin cookies...
 and Popcorn balls!
 The kitchen table was the place to be after lunch.  Yum!
 The adults had hot apple cider to drink during lunch.
 The kids got pink party punch.
 Everyone enjoyed homemade butternut squash soup with broccoli, baked ham and cheese sandwiches and pretzels.
 Here are the girls busy painting pumpkins.  Notice the plate of paint in the middle....
 This is what soon ensued several time.  Most of the pumpkins turned out a purple-ish color!

 Bop and Boothe just hanging out.
 Every kid's party needs helium balloons.  Tons of fun!
 Mimi brought the cupcakes from Macri's Bakery.  It's become a birthday tradition.  I tend to lean towards cupcakes for kids' parties.  They are just easier and less messy.
 Singing Happy Birthday!

 After cake and singing, Magnolia's friends headed home.  After one last group shot, of course!
 And then it was present time.  Tear it up!

 Even Boothie got something when she woke up from her nap.  Magnolia was being so sweet trying to tell Boothe about her present and get her excited.
 A family picture.  For some reason, if the girls actually don't look bad for a family shot, Dan does.
 And now there is only 51 weeks until my baby is 4!


  1. What a great birthday party it was. You did a great job, decorations were so pretty and the food was delicious~ Hard to believe Magnolia is already 3 years old!!

  2. oh and will you share your pumpkin cookie recipe. i tried some last year and they were just OK...wntd to try a new one. thanks.