Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello, October!

Is it really October already? Is my little girls really going to be turning 3 in a couple weeks? 3?!?!?! I have to start planning a birthday party and then thinking about Christmas not long after. It's usually a whirlwind these last three months of the year. But then again, entire years are turning into whirlwinds, going by faster and faster.

So we had a beautiful day and decided to spend it outdoors. A couple garage sales this morning, some playtime at the park, a walk through the zoo and an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood stopping to play with some friends. How many more days, until spring, are we going to be able to play outside and roll in the grass?
Tomorrow we are heading to the farmer's market to get some bushels of tomatoes to can in the form of salsa and whole tomatoes. That's my plan for Sunday!

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